NOW is Here: All About Comcast’s New Line of Services 

The news is out – Comcast has launched NOW: a new line of services for consumers looking for low-cost, no-hassle Internet, mobile, and streaming. Even more exciting, these affordable options are backed by the Xfinity network, including the most reliable 5G network nationwide. Easy to sign up and connect, NOW offers consumers all-in pricing and no contracts or credit checks. Read on to see why we are excited for NOW and learn more about how each product was built to meet the specific needs of today’s customers.   

What We Have to Say About NOW 

Getting online with a reliable connection is a necessity, whether you’re scheduling a doctor’s appointment, doing schoolwork, or calling distant relatives. With as many as 23 million Americans rolling off the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), the digital divide is in danger of widening. By offering Americans a price-sensitive alternative that fits their needs and budgets, staying connected with NOW’s simple, pre-paid, and contract-free offering doesn’t break the bank.  

“NOW is a leap forward in customer experience. You’ve wanted a simple, hassle-free way to access Internet, mobile and entertainment without price fluctuations, contracts or credit checks. NOW checks all the boxes, including our 99.9% reliability and dynamic coverage through our 5G network.”

Christine Whitaker, President, Comcast Central Division

The NOW Portfolio: A Simple Guide 

NOW products and services require no credit checks or long-term agreements, and customers can activate service in minutes. With NOW, you get what you paid for, with no contracts, total flexibility, and no hiccups. NOW is flexible to fit your budget without compromising on reliability, so customers don’t have to worry about issues such as dropped connections, trees blocking your signal, or even interference from your home’s building materials. 

NOW offers three products in its portfolio:  

  • NOW Internet  
  • NOW Mobile 
  • NOW TV 

NOW Internet is a prepaid service that offers a consistent and reliable connection, backed by the nation’s largest broadband network. As we know, consumers who have previously signed up for fixed wireless or 5G home Internet offerings from cellular companies can often find frustration. Issues, such as slow speeds and lag, impact everyday life from incomplete online classes to dreaded buffering during the big game. However, with NOW, customers can find a consistent connection and great value in NOW Internet, including unlimited data and WiFi equipment that they don’t have to worry about returning. If you are unsure of which Internet speed is needed for your home, you can learn what speeds best fit your needs with our online questionnaire

Watching a movie with NOW

NOW Mobile is a prepaid mobile service, backed by most reliable 5G network nationwide. With upwards of 90% of data traffic from smartphones running over a WiFi connection – not cellular – having a provider with broad coverage helps to eliminate dropped calls or missed messages. Not only does NOW offer unlimited data, calls, and texts, but it also gives customers access to over 23 million Xfinity WiFi hotspots [hyperlink regional hotspot post] nationwide to help ensure consumers can stream, game, chat, download, and surf wherever they are. Even more add-ons include Mexico & Canada Unlimited Pass and personal hotspot.  

The first product in the NOW portfolio, NOW TV offers streaming that includes live and on-demand programming from 40+ networks, more than two dozen integrated free ad-supported streaming (FAST) channels, and Peacock Premium, all for $20/month. No equipment is required, and customers can sign up or cancel anytime. For more options, customers can bundle Xfinity’s new StreamSaver with NOW TV for $30/month.  

“From pausing services to only paying for what you use, we are putting the power of choice back in the hands of our customers. With NOW, we are getting them connected at the price that works for them, and without compromising on the quality of their experience.”

Christine Whitaker, President, Comcast Central Division

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