Get To Know Your Customers Day: Boosting Connections with Comcast Business

Mark your calendars — it’s Get to Know Your Customers Day! Today is a day for businesses everywhere to tune into what their customers are all about. In today’s digital-centric landscape, staying connected is more crucial than ever in achieving this goal.

For any business to flourish, it’s vital to have seamless communication channels between business owners, employees and customers. This is where the integration of technology and connectivity solutions, such as Comcast Business Internet and Comcast Business Mobile, can become invaluable. These services allow businesses to streamline their workflows, ensuring constant connectivity, quick communications and a competitive edge.

“Today and every day, our goal is to empower businesses to connect more meaningfully with their customers,” said Katie Klein, Comcast Business VP of Marketing. “By offering robust, integrated solutions, we’re helping them stay ahead in a digital-first world.”

Mail & More Storefront

Investing in these integrated solutions is not just about addressing the needs of today but also preparing for the future. As the digital era evolves, the importance of staying connected will only grow. Businesses like Rooted and Mail & More are already experiencing the advantages of Comcast Business’s integrated offerings.“Comcast Business Mobile offers significant savings over my past providers, and the service is more reliable,” says Nate Oullette, owner of Mail & More. “Plus, I have a direct relationship with their team, for whenever I need support.”

Adds Kevin Regan, who co-opened wine and beer shop Rooted, “Comcast Business Mobile just makes sense. The price was right, and we’ve been very happy with the service and support that Comcast delivers.”

People dining outside at Rooted

Picking the right combination of technology and connectivity solutions is the best way for businesses of any size or industry to make their customers happy and their operations run smoothly. This Get to Know Your Customers Day, let Comcast Business help you build those important connections. Learn more about solutions available to you at

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