Comcast Bringing All Its Residential and Business Services to Parrottsville

Left to right: Cocke County Mayor Rob Mathis, • Comcast Manager of Government & Regulatory Affairs Courtney Durrett, Parrottsville City Recorder Sharon Peters

Network upgrade makes Internet speeds faster than a gigabit available to homes across town

Pictured above from left to right: Cocke County Mayor Rob Mathis, Comcast Manager of Government & Regulatory Affairs Courtney Durrett, Parrottsville City Recorder Sharon Peters

Comcast announced today that it has completed a significant upgrade to its 10G network across Parrottsville, TN. The upgrade will give hundreds of local residents access to the company’s full suite of Xfinity services, including Internet speeds faster than a gigabit, and businesses and local government buildings access to Comcast Business’ full suite of services. Comcast has been providing cable TV service in Parrottsville for many years.

“Cocke County and the Town of Parrottsville are grateful for Comcast and the high-speed Internet that the Xfinity 10 G Network is providing to our communities,” said Cocke County Mayor Rob Mathis. “The citizens of Parrottsville are more connected than they have ever been, thanks to Comcast’s services.”

“I am looking forward to this new service coming into our community,” said Gayla Hommel, Mayor of Parrottsville. “It will better serve the people and businesses here in Parrottsville. We thank Comcast for extending services into this part of our community.”

Services Available

Prior to this upgrade, the Parrottsville community had limited connectivity options. Now, in addition to Comcast’s traditional services, residential customers in Parrottsville will have access to:

  • Xfinity Mobile – Purchase new mobile phones, devices and accessories and choose a flexible data plan – Unlimited or By the Gigabyte – that fits your unique needs.
  • Xfinity Internet – Connect to the Xfinity 10G Network and get speeds up to 2 gigabits per second, advanced WiFi gateways, and powerful WiFi Boost Pods that extend coverage to every corner of your home.
  • Xfinity X1 – Explore our video platform – the ultimate entertainment experience – and try the Xfinity Voice Remote.
  • Xfinity Home – Xfinity’s home security and automation solution.

Businesses in Parrottsville will also have access to a full suite of Comcast Business Internet, voice, and video services.

This network upgrade will also make Comcast’s Internet Essentials program, the nation’s largest and most successful broadband adoption initiative for low-income households, available in Parrottsville. Internet Essentials provides low-cost broadband service for $9.95 a month, digital literacy training and discounted computers.

“Comcast is committed to providing access to fast, secure, and reliable Internet service to more residents and businesses in Tennessee,” said Jason Gumbs, Comcast Regional SVP. “With this upgrade, hundreds of customers in Parrottsville will now have improved access to critical resources, online education and job opportunities supporting economic growth and helping to close the digital divide.”

Powered by the Xfinity 10G Network

Comcast’s network and Internet experience are powering homes and businesses today and into the future:

  • Ultimate Capacity: Xfinity customers connect more than 1 billion devices across the company’s network annually. The Xfinity 10G Network with the next-generation Xfinity gateways delivers the most advanced WiFi technology carrying three times more bandwidth to power streaming, gaming, videoconferencing and more, simultaneously.
  • Fastest Internet: More than a third of Xfinity Internet customers subscribe to gigabit speed products. Recently, Comcast connected the first customers in the world to a DOCSIS 4.0 connection, delivering symmetrical gig speeds over existing connections in customers’ homes with plans to continue to rollout these speeds across the country over the coming years.
  • Unprecedented Coverage: The latest Xfinity Gateway provides a more reliable connection throughout the home. Customers can get WiFi coverage with a powerful Xfinity WiFi Boost Pod that extends coverage to hard-to-reach areas of the home.
  • Most Reliable Connection: Comcast is scaling the nation’s largest and most reliable network – the Xfinity 10G Network. The company recently launched Storm-Ready WiFi, a new device that comes equipped with cellular and battery backup to help keep customers connected even when the power goes out.
  • Ultra-Low Latency: The Xfinity 10G Network and the latest Xfinity Gateway are a powerful combination that deliver ultra-low latency for those moments when response times matter most like video games, a fast-growing category with Xfinity households averaging more than one gaming console per home.

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