Comcast Military Veterans Group Launches Flag Replacement Program in Greeneville, Tennessee

Technicians now replace distressed American flags while in the field

Comcast’s Veteran-focused Employee Resource Group (ERG), known as VetNet, has launched a flag replacement program to help Greeneville, Tennessee residents display their American patriotism.

If a VetNet member notices a flag at a home or business that is damaged or worn, they will share the location with the flag replacement team. This team then contacts the individual or business and offers to replace the flag for free. Flags are replaced for residents, nonprofits and small businesses, regardless of whether they are Comcast customers. The flags are retired in accordance with military protocols.

VetNet members include Comcast employees who are military veterans, active participants in the Reserves, military family members and other supporters of the military community. Many of the members are Comcast front-line technicians who may notice distressed flags during their daily routes.

“Our teams take pride in supporting their communities, and this is especially true for those who have served our country,” said Jason Gumbs, Comcast Regional SVP. “I’m proud of VetNet for bringing this meaningful program to Greeneville and look forward to its impact.”

Comcast Business Technician Josh Fox is part of a military family and started the program in Greeneville because to him, the American flag is a symbol of “strength and everlastingness”.

“It’s not just about replacing a flag–it’s about rejuvenating a post with new life and honoring the commitment of our soldiers,” he said.

Comcast is committed to supporting the military community and its veteran employees and families. To learn more about Comcast’s support of the military, click here.


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